Our One-Time Tenant PlacementService is for owners who want to manage their own rental property, collect rent, and provide services, but doesn’t want the hassle of dealing with phone calls or showings and can benefit from the exposure and marketing reach offered by a property management firm in locating qualified tenants.

Because Great Management = Great Tenants
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Services include:

  • Photography of your rental home
  • Placement on Zillow.com, Hotpads.com and other popular rental websites with maximum allowed photos
  • Featured listing on ArroyoManagement.com
  • Yard sign, flyer (HOA permitting)
  • Tenant Screening including background and credit checks.
  • Lease preparation
  • Walk-through assistance along with digital documentation


You sign a simple contract, allowing us to list and market your rental, and pay a one-time set up fee of $100 to establish your account. Your property manager will look at comparable rental data in the area along with other market factors to help determine the optimum rental rate for your property. We will then use several high-traffic websites to market your property as widely as possible. Our goal is to find you a great tenant as quickly as possible.


One of the most important parts of renting your property is to make sure everything is done to attract and retain high quality tenants who will take care of your property and pay the rent on time. We have experience in running full credit, eviction and criminal history checks. In addition, we do income/asset verification and know what red flags to look for in the tenant screening process. Our tenant screening process does not cost you, the owner, anything. We also require the tenant to pay the security deposit and to sign a deposit holding agreement in order to take the property off the market after approval, but before the move-in date.


It makes sense to have an experienced manager, who writes up leases on a regular basis, prepare the lease for your property with your new tenants. Today, anyone can obtain a generic lease agreement off the Internet. But knowing who wrote it or whether or not it has been updated to reflect our state’s ever-changing laws is essential. Our property managers use updated, standard leases, with the addition of appropriate addenda (pet, pool, alarm, satellite dish, etc.) and are fully aware of all disclosures that must be made by a landlord to a tenant. We handle all the preparation for you and have the paperwork ready when we meet the tenant to sign the lease. We also assist by doing the walk-through with the tenant(s) at the lease signing. In addition to the room-by-room checklist, we take detailed photos and, in some cases, video, to record the condition of your property upon tenant move-in.


After the tenant moves in, you are ready take control. We will forward you all the executed documents, the move-in and walk-through paperwork, and photos recording the condition of your unit at the time of signing. We will also provide you with all the contact information for the new tenant(s), and even assist with setting up automatic payments from the tenant’s account to yours. The first month’s rent, minus our fees, and the security deposit funds will then be transferred to you as well.


If taking over the day-to-day management of your property ends up being more of a challenge than you originally anticipated, the good news is that we are happy to step back in and provide you with our full-service property management. Since you have already paid for the Tenant Finder service, all you have to do is make up the difference between the Tenant Finder fee we charged and the full-service property management percentage we charge – usually about 4% of the monthly rent value.
Be sure to check out our TenantTalk blog for helpful information for property owners.

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